Not Your Grandpa’s Fraternity

Things are changing within the fraternity of Freemasonry.  It truly has changed from your grandpa’s fraternity into a “club” for many of the younger men that are joining the group.  Hiram 40 has seen an uptick in the number of younger men joining our lodge.  There is a huge generation gap between the 60-80 year old members and the 20-40 year old members we have had raised into the lodge recently.  While no one is really sure why there is a such a large age gap, we are happy to have many new members with fresh ideas and enthusiasm joining Hiram 40.

Our lodge recently hosted author, filmmaker, television personality, and 33 degree Master Mason Christopher Hodapp to our lodge to give a lecture on the state of Freemasonry,where it is going, and how it is evolving.  What was interesting was that he focused a lot on the fact that many of the men joining Freemasonry are younger, 18-40 year olds, and that these men are brining fresh ideas to the craft.  They are more interested in the symbolism of the Freemasonry and the history behind it, revitalizing the fraternity.  There is also a bit of a struggle going on between the older members of lodges and the younger members of lodges.  On one hand you have that “that’s just the way we have always done things” crowd, and then you have the younger folks that question why and have suggestions to make things better or more modernized.

Either way, with many of the new younger members we have seen and many of our valued long time members, it makes for interesting meetings and some great stories.  All of us are brothers, and enjoy each others company and knowing that we are all brothers in Freemasonry.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Mason or are interested in joining Hiram 40 Masonic Lodge, feel free to email us at info @ or come to meet us before one of our regular stated meetings the first or third Monday of each month.  We normally serve dinner or refreshments from 6:30 PM-7:30 PM and it is open to anyone who wants to learn more, pick up a petition, or just hang out.